October 4, 2008

Today is...

Today is the birthday of my love and best friend, and although he's out right now, I feel like celebrating all day.

Today is up early and out for a long walk to the fantastic cafe/bakery in Clifton Hill, back home for coffee, strawberries and fresh pain au chocolat. Gifts are opened, and much cheerful discussion of the books and DVDs. (Thank you, Mom and Dad - he's delighted!) The dog was all tuckered out from the hike to the shops, so he went back to bed, nose-to-tail.

Today is chatting to my sister and catching up on big bellies and her birth plans. Very exciting.

And now, today is making chocolate chip cookies. The windows are open as it's finally warmed up - there's laundry on the line and lots of satisfying re-arranging of freshly-washed cupboards after evicting some yicky moths.

I sewed on loads more beads last night, and I'm nearly, nearly finished!

Today is looking good.

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Maureen said...

Hmmmm. That's quite a lot of chocolate going round there. Seems as if I might have to drop in so you all don't overdose. Fortunately, the water is quite quite wide.

There's a good nip in the air here; sounds like a good day for something in the oven.