October 3, 2008

Love Fridays....

Spinning girl
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Some days I read what's being written out there on all those lovely blogs, and my head gets in a big spin.

I love so many of the projects everyone is doing, the memes and the comments and the chitter-chatter. I can check in quickly, sneak a peek in the middle of the day, and hmm, someone's just posted, I imagine she's also grabbed a stray five minutes and hit the 'board with thoughts and ideas. On days when I'm not being creative myself, it's great to know that there's a hum of activity out there from other busy fingers.

I was loving this Friday, because:

I went to the city for a meeting/chat with a very lovely friend of mine and her colleague (hello you two! if you read this). They were so kind to chat through some of the recent job activity, interviews and companies and questions. I couldn't ask for better friends, and the nice people they introduce me to.

The sun shone, then it poured with rain. I love that shock of being on the street when the smell of rain comes through. One of the only ones in bright red shoes, a bouncy ponytail, jeans and my big blue Shinzi Katoh bag with "One Little Girl..." on it. I was in the financial district. Everyone else is in a suit. I don't care that I can't afford to get my car serviced. I'm okay today with where I'm at.

I saw a big yaller dog and it winked at me. I winked back.

Things are looking better, muchly thanks to people, kindness, good words and sofa time. Chris came over and set up our cranky wireless router, while I prepped for an interview in the front room and yelled "You're a genius!" when I heard sounds of online success.

Too bad it then crashed its little brain again today.

Things keep spinning... I'm glad it's the weekend, because I have worked so hard this week on the job hunt, and tomorrow I will take the day OFF. It's a birthday for the lovely Mr., so we've got fun planned.

Toodle pip.

PS: Still fighting like a cat in a sack with Blogger: it's dropped the photo credit again.This lovely picture is
Spinning girl - Originally uploaded by sk31k


Maureen said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Tac!

Good luck with the job hunting. I hope I never have to go back to interviewing. Such bs in that process - imho.

Yes, I 'owe' you an email. ;-) Condsider this an iou.

little red hen said...

The photo is gorgeous and the recipe for rhubarb muffins sounds good, I'm going to give it a go, I just happen to have some in my fridge crying out to be used right at this moment.

CurlyPops said...

What a lovely post. Hope you both have a lovely weekend!