October 6, 2008

Just one more stash delight...

Isn't it great when you dig through your stash and it brings out all sorts of memories?

These are some of the most cherished pieces in my stash. My Grandma looked them out for me, from her box of fabrics in the closet. I can still see her there, and our chatter that day about sewing, which drops the years away and makes you just two enthusiasts with a love of craft. Grandma's gone now, and I still miss her, but I have inherited some of her gorgeous fabrics, and some day I will come up with an idea that's stylish enough to do her fabrics justice.

These are silks, blue with a silvery chinese-style print on it, cut out for a dressing gown (whoo- what a gown that would be!) but never assembled. The orange roses is deliciously slinky silk, and there's enough for a knock-out lining for a jacket. Wouldn't that be divine?

The green silk is heavy, and it's very old. It came from a friend of Grandma's called Mrs. Bennings. She gave it to me when I wanted to make doll's clothes, but it's just too good, and I've kept it for over 20 years. (Now, that's what I call hoarding!)

And finally, just for fun, a bag stuffed full of chiffon scarf samples. Each one has a corner cut off it, or I'd be wearing them every day!


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Hoppo Bumpo said...

Now they are real treasures. I particularly love the apricot roses. Great stash!