October 6, 2008

Celebrating Blogtoberfest, crafty-like

With a twirl of a dirndl, a heft of a stein, here are some crafty items we photographed in Munich, a day in the life of a Blogtoberfester Craft-Frau.

First, just so you know, the official approach is that we should be relaxed and ve-ery cas. about these craft activities and the whole Blogtoberfest thing:

Play by these rules, please, and we'll all get along fine. Run with your handbags; pose with your case. Good!

Now for some play time. Castles for some, while others...

Make papierfliegers and indulge their skill at Eurogami!

Haven't you always wanted to make paper swans out of your extra cash?

(Or was it extra cash out of your paper .... oh well.)

Now it's off to goggle at some felt shops...

And watch the nice man interviewing a truck.

I wonder what it had to say? Maybe something about classic design?

And when you're done your tour of the town, time to sit down and enjoy something long and cool and understated.

Aah, Blogtoberfest!

* If all of this seems like unwarranted nonsense to you - as opposed to the nonsense you eagerly anticipated - please stroll on over to Blogtoberfest Headquarters and get yourself a badge. Or whip up some Eurogami swans and send them to me for 'judging'. We feel that the 50 euro note makes the best swans....


lily boot said...

that felt store is certainly drool-worthy! So neat and orderly - just the way I like my fabric! :-)

Hoppo Bumpo said...

No, definitely eagerly anticipated nonsense!! This cracked me up. I think you have definitely captured the essence of Blogtoberfest.

Is that guy drinking beer in that fancy glass? I have a photo of Mr HB drinking beer from a champagne glass in a beer garten. He doesn't like that photo. One. Bit. We were never sure if beer was always served this way at this particular establishment or only when they saw gullible foreigners heading their way.

Taccolina said...

Yes, we thought it was beer. There was a bit of sshhh-nudge-psst-psst behind him as we whipped out the camera and grabbed the shot. I don't _think_ he saw us....

Bird Bath said...

It feels like you've taken me for a lovely stroll down Munich,
danke schon!
... I love to people watch - the beer glass is esp funny.
I also like the sticker on the back of the truck, I think it reads 'take your time, not lives.'