October 8, 2008

Spoonflower, squirrels and stencils

Originally uploaded by sewingstars
Has anyone else signed up for Spoonflower? It's a new online service, still in Beta testing, which allows you to order batches of printed fabric with your own design on it.

Your own design... that just makes me go a little breathless.

I heard about Spoonflower over at the Craftsanity podcast, when Jennifer interviewed Cara Angelotta of Sew Bettie. And Angry Chicken made that to-die-for cheat-cloth quilt last month. Ahh. So you've probably already heard about Spoonflower excitement.

Either way up, the Flickr pool for users' designs is worth a peek. I have been trawling it this morning and sighing over the lovely wonders to be found there, such as these gorgeous squirrels by sewingstars.


Thanks for all the lovely comments about the summer quilt. The basting did go till 11:30, but I spent much of that time listening to good music and dreaming up the quilting design I am going to use on this quilt.

Also - just in - my stencilled quilt challenge was completed on the weekend! Head on over to Posted Stitches to see what's happening, and tomorrow I will post the step-by-step photos of the stencil process. I had a few problems, but nothing that a few beads won't hide! (If only real life were that simple).

Happy Wednesday.



little red hen said...

Thanks for the tip I'm going to check out spoonflower now!

Bellgirl said...

I've signed up for spoonflower, haven't sent anything yet- pressure!

I love your stencilled lady! I'll look forward to the step-by-step.

Stacy said...

OMG! I love that squirrel fabric... I have a friend who would love it!

Great job on the stencil.