October 18, 2008

Stencil Festival - Part 1, the folk apple

We're in business!

Thanks to a rescue parcel of freezer paper courteously offered (thanks Liesl!), I'm raring on the stencil front. Today the new inks, the paper, the cutting mat and the foam brushes all came out - and there was some pretty intense action. Here's the first to emerge from the smoke and dust of activity:

No, I didn't cut on the lines. I changed my mind about the border after drawing it.

A dry-ish foam brush seems to work best. And I've got plastic and a paper towel underneath to soak up any extra paint.

After the first colour has dried enough that it won't smear, the second colour carefully goes in, and the third. We wait for an hour or two while it dries, then:-

Ooooh, aaaahhhh...

Before the stencil is entirely detached, I cut the stem with sharp scissors, held the stencil back down again, held my breath and painted in the apple stem. (I'm amazed I thought to do this before peeling the stencil entirely off).

I'm very pleased with the results: a teatowel with a folksy apple on it - now drying on the ironing board, to be pressed to heat set in the morning. Next: pears!


CurlyPops said...

That's really cute! It will look lovely hanging in the kitchen.

Bellgirl said...

Excellent stencilling! I look forward to seeing the pears.

BigCat said...

This looks great. I'm loving all the stencilling going on around the place at the moment.

Maureen said...

Hoo ahh!!! You've got the knack - oh and the talent to even think that up.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Nice use of the freezer paper!

That's a lovely stencil - the apple looks terrific. I'm sure I would never have got the stem right. That was a clever idea..

Hope we get to see the pears soon!

handmaiden said...

you are very clever