October 24, 2008

Friday's love is birthday loot, with dangly bits

I've been a bit remiss recently. I taunted you with my excitement about going birthday-loot-art-supply shopping, and then failed to do the show and tell. Better late than never, I have now got loot photos galore!

On my birthday last week, Mr. Tacc announced that his main present to me was a trip to the art suply store of my choosing. A quick hop through my blog-reading history, and I decided that I wanted to check out Zart Art, given this rave review.

Off we went, trusty map to hand, only to find a cave of delights, an oasis of arty painty papery goodies in the midst of semi-industrial warehouses.

I think I went around the store, doing laps, two or three times. It's important not to hyperventilate on these big occasions.

This is me checking out the fabric paint and fibre section. (Fantastic op-shopped jacket!) I know he's taking a photo, hence the smirk...

Here's what came home with us:

Lino blocks (the soft-cut kind), cutting tools, a roller, foam brush, paint brushes, pencils, two new sketchbooks (eek!), a book about printmakng inspired by the stencil-love and screenprinting excitement, two more colours of fabric ink, and textile paint medium. AAhhh.

But what's this? There's something hanging off the side of the bag....

Could it be?

A bit of bling! We haven't had blingy, dangly earrings for years! (love, love those earrings)


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Hoppo Bumpo said...

Oooh Zart looks fantastic. Its only about 10 minutes drive from home, but I still haven't made it there yet. I must go!

And thse earrings are beautiful! I adore Cellini Workshop.