October 29, 2008

Tea... pots!

I'm playing along in the Veg About going on over at Bellgirl at the moment. My planting progress this week has been a leetle slower than I'd like, but here are a couple of shots of the new residents of my garden.

First to hit the decks and be planted: twelve tiny basil plants.

Grow, kiddies, grow! Youse all gonna be pesto.

Then, this got the dirt good and grubby under the nails as I prepared these pots for the veggies and herbs that await them: tomatoes - 6 roma and 3 tom thumb tinies, coriander, and the strawberries are already in and have been vetted by Mr. Blackbird.

If I have a large pot left over, I'll plant one potato plant, probably kipfler, known as Hattifattners in our house, after our favourite children's books of all time. And I found a self-seeded tomato that looks strong enough to leave it in and see what it comes to.

Finally, if there's only one thing I know about gardening, especially in a pot, it's that vegges really like a nice cup of tea.

They like it strong. Sun-brewed, no milk.

That's manure tea, right: 3 large handfuls of manure, warm water, mixed well and left to sit in the sun all day. Pour it on when the sun goes down (less evaporation, good water wise-ness), and let the plants soak up the muck. Not too often: once every couple of weeks sounds right for me (anyone know for sure? Leave a comment - I could do with the advice!)

More fun over at Bellgirl, where you'll find a list of lovely veggie-planting bloggers, including fun from Life in the Dome and Bowerbirdz. Go enjoy some hunting and gathering!

- B

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