October 19, 2008

This is... my favourite movie

In the Movie Classics category (watch this video - don't you love this remix?)

I hesitated to put this down because it's a cliche. But I do adore this movie, for its melodramatic storyline and stilted, passionate characters, for the dark-and-light filming of shadows. It's like a fairytale; dark and formulaic and still satisfying.

In the category of... indulgent artistic delights:

I've been fascinated with this movie since I first saw it. I know that other people hate it, and I can see why - but I love its self-irony, that it's like a stage set in colours of red and green, black and silver, white and gold, blue and green; and of course, Tilda Swinton's acting. I always giggle at Jimmy as an angel. Love, love this movie.

Three chocolate biscuits, a glass of wine, fuzzy slippers and...


Bridget Jones's Diary.

I love this movie when I'm under the weather. It's all about the men in this movie for me: when Hugh Grant walks into the office for the first time, I have to curl up my toes in my fluffy bunny slippers. Woo.

Three movies for a Rainy Day:

How could anyone resist cracking the top of the creme brulee with Amelie?

Totoro, or anything else by Murukami.

Paris, je t'aime.
Wild, wonderful, short films from directors covering the city of light. And shadows.

I could go on and on.... here is a little list of other favourites, in no certain order. Just what comes to mind:

- The Maltese Falcon - they don't do plots like they used to.
- Pane e Tulipani (Bread and Tulips) - Italian self-discovery and dark humour.
- Don't think about it
- Her Whole Life Ahead - you can find more about these two on the website for the Italian Film Festival (select the title from the side bar), or our little mention here.
- A Room with a View - sweet mush, but still fun.
- The Blues Brothers - need I say more?

I could go on and on, but I've got stuff to do! This is... is courtesy of Three Buttons, and the completely diverting and time-soaking theme for this week was superbly chosen by Hokey! Click to see what others are saying... I can't wait to see what comes up this week.



Bellgirl said...

What a great list! Some of my faves and a lot I haven't seen...yet! I'm just grooving away to the clip at the moment :)

Maureen said...

Can't look too much as himself DOES want to Get in the Car on time.

I'll have to check Orlando. So many movies I haven't seen but I was lukewarm about Renee Z before BJD, and that was the one that put me over the edge into not liking her.

Each time I see her face on a People screen on line with that cutesy little lips-kissy smile, I get reflux. Just me.

(And Hughie is a charmer despite that unfortunathey now auto-vision of that LA hooker incident.)

Erin said...

Orlando and Totoro are amazing!
Great list!

handmaiden said...

Amelie, seems to be a fav for many. its a great list, some I have not seen.

Juddie said...

Oooh I loved Orlando from the first time I saw it, too. A sumptuous movie combining irony, very subtle humour and a lovely intensity. Great list!