October 26, 2008

Sketchcrawl Melbourne - some pictures!

Yesterday I went along to the much-anticipated (by me) event: the Sketchcrawl! If you are asking yourself what a Sketchcrawl might be, check out my original post, or the global Sketchcrawl blog.

It's damn fun, that I can tell you! There were over 50 locations participating yesterday, as people slowed down to look around and draw (or record) what they saw.

Here's a little story of the day, in sketch and photos.

As my tram inched up Swanston St., I wasn't sure what to expect. How many people would be there? Would they all know each other?

I was even looking around, checking for people carrying sketchbooks, and when I got to the State Library, they were obvious: a cluster of almost 20 people carrying sketchpads and cameras. All ages, some obviously old hands at the sketching game, others with new small notebooks and a pencil tucked in a pocket, and some - like me - waking up rusty old skills.

Several photographers joined us, and my friend Annie raced off to get thin paper and some pastels so that she could do better rubbings of decorative textures. (She found some fabulous art deco lettering by the end of the day.) Janice, aka Jen, who organised the day beautifully (thank you Jen!) handed us our itineraries. Let the Worldwide Sketchcrawl begin!

First stop, State Library of Victoria

City centre, sun worshippers, students, high-rise dwellers. Tourists, trams and groups of men in dark suits, being led first one way and then the other, appearing several times with their guide. Hmm.

After warm-up sketches on the lawn of the State Library, I followed the photographers who were hunting art deco delights, street art and swanky buildings. Here are two of them, Karen and Jenny, in action:

Don't look now, but there's a big green alien above you!

Oh, it's just RMIT.

Then, with the day heating up, off we went through the lanes to... The Queen Vic Market!

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that this is my spiritual home. Food, chat, people, colour and mess - I love it! All the world is at the market.

Even the Mango Mafia were there, debating the share price of mangoes (down, definitely down).

Fabulous flowers - a profusion of shapes and sizes!

I'm in love with my new, pink, brush-tipped pen. It's just the colour to remind me of...

Cool watermelon on a hot, dry and dusty day!

I wondered if there were any big, hairy spiders hiding in all those boxes of bananas...

... but I did not go closer to investigate.

And we dined like kings on cheese, bread, and donuts from the Polish Deli, mmmm, those donuts!

Last stop: bing! bing! Bourke Street!

Teens and tourists, buskers, bikers and fashion-victims, families, friends, and lots of hot, tired people waiting for trams. We settled on the cool steps of the GPO in prime position to sketch them all.

Six Sketchcrawlers, sitting on stone steps.

Jen, our intrepid organiser, is in the front of the photo and I'm at the bottom (with my newly-made blue and white linen shirt). You can see some of Jen's sketches on her Flickr site, or on her blog, Friperee.

There were about 20 of us at this time, and it was amusing to see people walk past.... stop, look, and then ask "Hey, are you guys a sketching class?"

There were some excellent buskers who serenaded us as we drew, and lots of hot and tired shoppers, not moving much:

By this time in was past 3PM, and - can you hear it? That little call? Could it be? Yes! A cool seat in the Block Arcade, tall drinks and lots of water, conveniently located across from Haigh's chocolates.

A round of lemon myrtle chocolates for all, and thank you Annie for introducing me to another gorgeous Australian delicacy. Mm! Food, friends and drawing: it was a whole day of playtime for me!


CurlyPops said...

Wow what a wonderful day out you had. Your sketches are fantastic..what a talent!
I think the pink sketch of the flower stall is my favourite (my fave colour and my fave object)

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Wow - your sketches are absolutely wonderful! I'm glad we got to see what you did. That looks like so much fun.

I might try and join the fun if there is another next year. I haven't sketched for years, so I'd better get practising now (I used to do lifedrawing - woo hoo)

Taccolina said...

Thanks, girls! It was an extraordinary day, and I met some great people. I'll be at the next one, for sure!

eileenr said...

I LOVE the pink one. Are you selling?

cath said...

as expected, soooo good to see some of your work! the talent never goes, does i? well done, my friend!