October 27, 2008

Red roses and resident blackbirds

Paperweights, preserved moths, beetles and shells. (ROM museum, Toronto)

I'm sitting in the window of my front room, looking out at red, red roses glowing in the sunshine. I don't know how it happened, but we have a bumper crop of roses all of a sudden, and they are a real joy. Even to a girl who isn't a huge rose fanatic and who loves eucalyptus flowers, bottly-brush grevilleas and all of our spectacular native flowers.

This is not my garden, but every girl can dream... (South island, New Zealand)

After yesterday's big blog rant, I am uninspired today. Perhaps I burned up all I had to say for the moment. Your comments and emails were much appreciated -- isn't it funny how we're not alone? I spent most of the day working on a freelance contract, but when the sun came out, I just had to dash out into the garden to get some soil prepared for the veggies. I'm participating in the Veg About over at Bellgirl: are you?

Our resident blackbird Papa and Mama perched on the fence and kept a wary eye on me, occasionally darting into the ivy. Whenever I found a slug or an earwig, I put it on top of the garbage bin next to me, and although I didn't see or hear the birds come past me, the offerings disappeared at a regular rate. I've got seven large tubs ready to receive tomatoes, strawberries and coriander, and I've left them for the birds to pick over the soil before heading out to plant one or two things. I do love spring!

Tomorrow, it's back to my volunteer job, and I'm looking forward to it. It's exciting to get to flex these new editing skills and the writing muscles in aid of a cheffy-foody charity that you admire. Hurrah, I say! And another interview. And a talk at the Victorian Writers' Centre in the evening. Busy, and all good.

I'd better plant some tomatoes. So much for having nothing to say... I'll file this one under "Rambles"!



Bellgirl said...

How lovely to have some blackbird helpers in your patch!

Your cheffy editty foody charity gig sounds intriguing- what's it all about?

Bellgirl said...

BTW the person in the top photo looks just like me, although unfortunatley I've never been to Toronto. In fact that's exactly the outfit I'm wearing today. Spooky! Is it you?

Taccolina said...

Yep, it's me! Maybe we're twins... as per the generic face conversation, a week or so ago. (grin!)

potty mouth mama said...

Definitely a beautiful garden! Though your garden sounds like it's going to be a rich Eden itself!