September 3, 2008

On my desk....

Hurrah, that desk. My husband built it out of a huge slab of MDF and some Ikea legs. And because we're all for reality blogging around here, here it is in its un-excavated state. It's a lived-in artefact!

Notable features upon this relic of recent activity: (can you tell I'm still pretending I'm an archaeologist?)

In the upper layers we find:
  • A prominent site of homage and worship: the sewing machine. Ritual purposes?*
  • A colourful notebook - see blogged post about it - and several strata of notes on jobs.
  • 'What Colour is your Parachute?' - a fantastic job-hunting, career-changing manual.
Below these items, we find:
  • A cutting mat, in case I feel the need to shred things with a scalpel (does that ever happen to you? I find tax time and whenever I need to do the filing, that the urge to cut things to ribbons mysteriously emerges in me...)
  • Moo cards, Mixtape, and fabric paint.
Buried by time, and elegantly cropped out of the photo, is a lovely scrap heap of bits of fabrics I'm 'Working On'.

Happy Wednesday! Thanks to Kootoyoo for the meme.


* Note added later: In our house, "Ritual Purposes" is our shorthand for anything inexplicable, as in "Probably used for ritual purposes..." meaning "We have no idea". The other one is, for businesses "Must be a money-laundering operation", meaning "How in heck do they stay in business?"

Anyone got any more of these? We sort of collect them...


Kirsty said...

I'd kill for a handy husband. I had to follow the horrible ikea instructions to put mine together.

kathy said...
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kathy said...

"A Family Treasure" is something we call a gift that you don't like, but for diplomatic reasons are unable to part with : Relates particularly to wedding presents. They hang around for ever and become a family treasure.

Maureen said...

I have trained er taught current dh to use the phrase...Waiting for the 84 bus... when one is standing around, apparently doing nothing and asked, "so what are you doing?" It comes from a bus that went by my house in England 40+ yrs ago in my first marriage! I think my grown children use it too.

Taccolina said...

Now, I like that one! We could say we're waiting for a tram... :-)