September 5, 2008

Love Fridays...

I love that today was so busy, and that I came home exhausted but happy, and grateful for small things:
  1. There were no spiders hanging over the laundry line when I hung out the washing at 9:37PM. In the dark, under the ivy, in the spitting rain. (Something still seems a wee bit wrong with this picture...)
  2. My lovely husband dealt with the dog's - er - indiscretion while I was out hunting for a job.
  3. Beautiful, beautiful fabric accidentally accidentally acquired from Flashback on the way to the video store. (and check out the shop review on Craft City Melbourne).

Now I shall sit with my cup of tea and snuzzly slippers. It's a good Friday (night).

Thanks for Love Fridays, Big Kat's Emporium, and also to Curly Pops' post for reminding me that it's Friday today!


1 comment:

BigCat said...

That all sounds lovely, especially the visit to Flashback. I love that place.

Thanks for joining in with Love Friday.