September 11, 2008

On my desk...

On my desk this week there is a large stack of lovely bright fabric, which is gradually becoming a summer brights quilt. This photo shows the strong rays of sunshine coming in across my desk: it was divine to sit at a sunny window, with the fresh air coming in while I stitched away.

I give away nearly all of the quilts I make, so this is a refreshing exercise in using the fabrics that I adore, in a quilt that's for me. Not a fancy quilt, just a colourful quilt.

Ten blocks completed and I'm getting there!



BigCat said...

It's nice to make goodies for yourself. I give away a lot of the stuff I make too. I suppose we all do.

Taccolina said...

Yeah, my husband reckons that there are two kinds of quilters: makers who make beautiful designs because they want to live with them, and makers who make quilts to give away because all the fun is in the making! I'm definitely one of the latter bunch...!