September 16, 2008

On my desk ( the sofa): A finished project in one act

Sunday night, in a little house in the city. The small room is filled with books, clutter, and fabric. Outside the wind howls and laundry flaps on the line. A couple sit on sofas, their knees covered with brightly-coloured home-made quilts. On the TV the opening sequence of 'Midsomer Murders' is playing...

He: Woman on a bicycle! Woman on a bicycle! - That's how we know we're in England, right.
She: [stitching] Mmm. Wait till you spot the black glove.
He: Twee cottage, roses, check. Thatched roof, check. Gate, check.
She: Scary music, check. Must be a dead body in the roses.
Dog: Grumble. - Rolls over and snores loudly.
[end scene]

I finished some stitching while watching TV this week, and here is one of the projects 'off' my desk and in the finished bag. It's another applique teatowel - this one's for me (I'm learning to be selfish).

Trouble is, while watching Grand Designs last night, I kept getting distracted and poking myself in the finger. "And this wonderful architectural design", says Kevin "is a paean to OW! modernism..."

Just another night in Northcote.

There have also been some SECRET birthday things! (oh ho ho) being finished off and about to go out in the post.

Have a lovely Wednesday!



Hoppo Bumpo said...

I really like Midsomer Murders and Grand Designs ... and I really like your applique teatowel. That's lovely!

Taccolina said...

Thanks! Is it me, or is Misomer Murders losing its grip on the weird irony we loved so much? We still yell 'black glove! black glove!' and make occasionally 'wee-ooo' noises along with the police cars. - All very immature - but it would be sad if the show starts to take itself too seriously, doncha think?

Michelle said...

I've never watched Midsomer Murders, but I am a huge Grand Designs fan. I have to watch, I can't crochet or sew at the same time.

That is a beautiful tea towel!

Maureen said...

If you email me your address, a PIF package will be on its way to you within a year. You were IT!