September 30, 2008

We're all a-tumble

... it's circus time over here, folks!

This circus thing has been growing on me for a few weeks now, sparked off in part by the gorgeous carnival photos by Elle Moss Photography (in her Etsy shop here), seen on Penguin and Fish (and discovered through that keen eye, Big Cat at Big Cat's Emporium).

But the circus imagery has grown on me, already susceptible as I am to the glories of graphic and poster design. I'm working on a new art quilt for Posted Stitches and the theme of the month is 'Balance'.

The Railys certainly display a sense of balance in their cycling act:

And the Girardys?

Well, I'd like to know how they get that eagle to hold up the banner AND the trapeze AND the 'equilibristic' water torture implement tied to the poor chap at the bottom.

These posters are The Best in this Kind - to paraphrase the Girardy poster.

Al of these images are found amongst the hundreds of archive posters and photos on the Circus Museum of the Netherlands. If I go on any more about the wonders of this site, someone will think I'm their new marketing department. It's just great - go check it out!



potty mouth mama said...

Great collection of posters, definitely inspiring!

I can't comment on your latest post, maybe when you embedded the clip, you didn't switch back from HTML? Just a thought.

Hope job hunting starts to pick up. I hate job hunting too. It's the pits. But you got to have some lows to fly as high as you can when you peak.. Or something like that.

Taccolina said...

Thanks for the tip-off about the glories of Blogger! I've tried checking the code and re-posting it at a slightly different date stamp, and sometimes that works. I'm singing the "we love Blogger" song...