September 15, 2008

Track your life

Songs and stories - tracks that bring back the days - early love, best friends, travel and tears. Mikes has posted a prompt to 'Track your life' - and I'm off into the land of ...

'Brim full of Asha' by Cornershop. It was playing all day, every day in the UK in about 1999 (holy cow that's nearly ten years ago). I was a grad student at a fancy UK university, but not being a very fancy-pants person myself, I'd hooked up with two great friends: a short, 'chain-smoking Bengali-man', as he called himself, from Delhi - and a large, quiet German with a killer sense of the ridiculous.

We used to go to the clubs together and the college 'hops' (yes, they called them hops), and dance around being as silly as possible. Large, round Uli danced JUST like the guy in this video, and short little Subarno was fascinatingly manic. We had the best time, and it usually started with a group of us at the local Indian restaurant, Subarno on a stool in the kitchen, swapping arguments with the Bengali cook, and all of us out in the main, demanding to be fed.

Wonderful days, just watch this video: it's not us (imagine a quietly gleeful Canadian girl in there, too) - but their midwest video footage had me giggling. Gotta love the pillow-paddling at the end! Go guys...

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