September 19, 2008

Italian dreams

Tonight as dinner cooked, I was looking at photos on the laptop and sighing over the pictures from Rome. I've been thinking of Italy all day, today - just can't get it out of my head....

There's been a lot of thinking going on lately, about this new adventure of mine called; "What am I going to be when I grow up?". I have been searching, and looking, and talking to people, and examining my past with the aim of finding my future: which new career will suit me best? I count myself lucky to have had an excellent first career in marketing, with 12 years of book marketing, online editing, and its associated fields. But it's time to move on, or move over - the shift might be just across the hall or it may be all the way down the street and around the block, into a new industry. Meanwhile I balance the question of time, and the necessity of finding something soon.

Beep! Beep! Where is this little blue truck going?

To the market perhaps, she loves food! Or just to hang out outside the art gallery and look painterly? She's had an interesting life so far.

As a part of this search, I'm using a book many people have recommended before, called "What Colour is Your Parachute?", by Richard Nelson Bolles. It forces you to assess and stand back from what you have been doing, what you love doing, and where you can make a living, through a series of exercises you do. Together, the exercises build up a picture of where you're going (or should be going). Best of all, the book gives you a regular shot of confidence, which can be sorely needed when the hunt goes on for several weeks, and you start to worry.

What have I discovered? Well, that there are so many things that I'm enthusiastic about, but writing, books and art are always there. Thinking, looking and learning. Being with people. I have met some fantastic people through the search through interviewing them about their jobs, and what they love (and loathe, if they want to tell me).

Like the Aussies say, it's a long road. I'm looking out the door, wondering whether to trot left or right, or just see what turns up.

Honk, HONK! With a honko-horn like this, you sure would hear me coming...


BigCat said...

I will be very interested to see where the road leads you. I often ponder the same question: what will I do and be when I grow up. I feel like I am on a good path at the moment but sometimes it's two steps forward, one step sideways...

There's another author, Barbara Sher, who writes a lot of career based stuff. I like her stuff even more than 'Parachute'.

potty mouth mama said...

Beautiful photos.

That book sounds fantastic. I might have to get it. I think I'd like reading it, but also my husband might get a lot from it.

Hope you find your path (a richly fulfilling one) really soon!