May 7, 2008

Fun stuff on the scanner

This weekend I went into Melbourne's Chinatown with a couple of friends for the meal they call Yum Cha (I'm sure they call it Dim Sum in Canada?). Anyway, lots of trolleys, big tables, much tea and dumplings - you get the picture.

While we waited for a table at the palace of Yum Cha delights, I popped across the street to the Chinese stationery shop - a cave of wonders for a paper junkie like me! Stickers, erasers, Snoopy everything, and all manner of interesting kitsch. I nearly over-heated.

May your dumplings be filled with equally delightful finds!

First, a notebook. The purple foiling on the front has not come out so well, but it says "Write on your heart that every day is the best day of the year". OK, I'm up for that.

And the it's got little dog creatures holding balloons, but I thought the balloons said "Boo!" until I looked closer....

And finally, these stickers, my favourite of which says; "You are my forever baby. Do you know?"

Do you know indeed!

Now all I need to do is to find out what the Chinese characters say...

Also on the scanner this morning is an amazing Russian Folk Tales book I picked up some months ago at a secondhand bookshop in a country town up in the Goldfields.

It's got a lovely cut-paper style to the paintings, which I think are watercolour and or gouache.

The colours are bright and saturated, and I love its graphic appeal:

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