September 20, 2008

Working up a little sunshine

Why is it that Melbourne days start sunny at the moment, and just when you've stepped out into a bright new day, ready for sunshine fun, it goes grey windy, and showers rattle 'round?

Well, today I found the solution: get up early, go for a long walk off our usual route (me 'n the dog went to check out the Community House), enjoy the sunshine with a cup of coffee in the garden, and then, when it goes grey....

... go back to bed.


I do not, pretty much never ever ever, know how to sleep in. Nor do I nap. I can try, but daytime sleepy goodness does not come to me. Too bad today's sleep-fest was just the indication of a virus passing through to tickle me with its long and creepy fingers. Heck, me - a cold? I don't have time!

Well, in between sleeping most of the day, I did sew a handful of seams. This scrappy delight is taking shape, and using up some of my favourite fat quarters as it grows. I'm still on a stash-busting mission to use what I have before buying anything un-necessary. So far, so stitchy. I'm determined to finish some of the languishing projects that lurk. Stop lurking, you lot! Out, out! Into the light and let's see some action! (Sort of like 80's aerobic classes for quilts. "One mpore seam, c'mon girls! Lift! Lift! Feel the burn!")

Hm, I must be feverish. At least I'm getting my first view of what the summer quilt will look like when it's done. Built to keep some sunshine in my day, everyday!



nicolette said...

That fever provides for a wonderful Summery quilt!

I hope you feel better soon!

It feels like Summer here too, but it’s almost Autumn. Monday afternoon, nature will wear a different coloured coat! I always love the days of changing seasons.

Karin said...

Wow, that looks fantastic! I have a cold today and all I can do is hide under a quilt on the couch, not make one. LOL

Your response is much more lovely!!

potty mouth mama said...

That quilt looks gorgeous, perfect for summer! I really love that Kaffe Fassett fan flower (I know that's not the right name).

Hoping you feel much better now!