September 7, 2008

This is...

... my favourite band of all time.

Well! Curlypops, you blasted me off to those days of sitting on my bum in front of the TV on the orange and brown lounge carpet, watching "Solid Gold" and wondering why those ladies were dancing around in gold bikinis with high heels. Well, actually, I don't think I wondered much. Light was dawning. My modern mother might tell me all about feminism, but there was something else going on....

It was the EIGHTIES! Oh my God! The horror, the makeup, the hormones, the Flashdance jumper (why didn't it make me look like Jennifer whatsername), the leg warmers, the perm, oh my, the perm - it's clearly giving me nightmares as it's turned up in two posts today.

Thankfully, my favourite choice of musical performer of all time is a little more palatable. Not Ah-Ha, who had one poster on my wall briefly, until I ripped them down because I thought it was a bit "Silly". Not Olivia Newton John "Physical" - my first single bought with pocket money and played on the olive-green portable record player. Not even Whitesnake, when I had big hair and wore tight jeans.

Peter Gabriel.

I adored Peter. I dreamed of that voice, I even thought how sad it was that he was so much older than me and that therefore I would have to listen to him getting a 'feeble old man voice' before I was ready to finish listening to him (this from the girl who also mourned that she would be 'too old' at the Millenium, because she would be 28 and therefore so old and decrepit as to be unable to party...)

I was a serious little kid. And teenager. And university student. (This obsession lasted)

The funniest thing is that I dragged my husband to the concert in London in - erm - 2003? - and I could still see the effect and power of his voice and the performance, but most of it was gone flat.

Just like that perm. Destined to deflate.

Now, just moments ago, I looked at the official Peter Gabriel website and went - "EEk! Is that him?!" He looks like a well-groomed IT company spokesperson. Or a therapist. Eeek.

I think I need "This Is" therapy this week. Luckily, I stopped in to the IGA next to Thread Den on the way home and bought this:


(Thanks to Three Buttons for the Meme.... hoping you're having a good trip!)

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CurlyPops said...

Now that's funny!
I remember the Solid Gold dancers too....scary memories of horrible boufant 80's perms..eek!