September 9, 2008


Both 'the boys' are sleeping... My husband came in from work and crashed out. The dog, who'd been running around the park with me, soon followed suit. So it's quiet and I can get on the computer.

It's exciting! I've finally finished my quilt for the Posted Stitches challenge - only eight days late... (grin) This month was a real task for me and, so I gather, for Jennifer. The outside world did its best to take over (avast ye maties! Stand by to repel time-wasting work-like money-earning... oh, yeah. Um.) But, I suppose, deadlines are here to inspire us, not to drive us insane. Or something. It's done!

I'm quite happy with it - this month's theme was 'Dreams' - and Jennifer sent me a real doozer of a challenge pack. Head on over to have a look, and I'll be posting the 'How I did it' photos tomorrow, including the mechanical parts. (ooh) Oh, and the next month's theme.

While we worked that out, this is a side-project that started itself up:

The lozenges and stripes of colour on the fabric inspired me to draw characters on top. And then I thought - hm, wouldn't that be interesting on its own right as a mini quilt? - So I applique'd the shapes and started stitching a character on top.

Here's as far as I've got for now:

The sketches -

The applique -

The drawing on thin interfacing on top -

... and the start of the stitching!

I hope it turns out well!


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