August 12, 2008

What to do in winter

... when it's cold and damp outside!

1. Bake bread
2. Run around the park with the dog
3. Look for colour around you

I'm gradually adjusting to the fact that it is winter in Melbourne, and that the house is chilly all the time, except when I'm cooking. (Mmm... now, if I needed inspiration, that would be enough!)

It's a bit daunting, facing the prospect of job-hunting, but I'll get there. In keeping with the plan to draw something everyday, I was off to the art supply store yesterday to get a few coloured pens. The textile paint accidentally became mine, too.

I was out in the garden in my big fluffy sheepskin slippers, photographing the paints in the cold winter sunlight this morning. It's exciting to be drawing again!


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