August 8, 2008

Dignified Dawg

Now, here's something I will not do. 

This lucky Louie is wearing a handmade coat, courtesy of the good folks at Quilting Arts magazine. While I generally love their magazine and appreciate their creativity, I can't see our Toby putting up with this. Ever. (Or maybe it's just me who's got a well-developed sense of dignity.) 

We picked Toby up last night from the friends who have
 kindly looked after him for the last three months. Shoulder-high leaps and bum-wagging wriggles - we think we remembers us. Even so, I'm not making him a coat.... 

(Jacket by Pokey Bolton; photo credit Quilting Arts magazine 2008)

1 comment:

Unity.Mitford said...

Oh dear lord, no, you would never get Toby in one of these, though I don't think it's be his dignity that#d be the issue!