August 16, 2008

Having so much fun...

This evening was ace. It's cold outside and the rain rushes down every so often, but we're all cuddled up with projects and good books. What more would anyone want? I have just been reclining on the sofa with a toasty-warm dog snuggled into my lap, and my guilty pleasure reading. Here's a lovely bit of overplaying from a comic sequence halfway through. - 'La, sir!'

I've got lots of crafty things on the go that I want to share, but with so little sunshine over the last few days, I am waiting for some good light. Indoor photos are so depressing, flash or no flash.

But while dinner cooked tonight, I was having a fantastic time drawing on fabric.

The fabric is part of a monthly challenge I'm working on, and I was looking at it, thinking: 'Hmm, this could be jellyfish, or strange lurid faces, or wobbly TVs, or flowers or people's heads...' So I decided to give it a go and see what came up. All sorts of things, is what! A pool, some fish, some aliens and a monster, jellyfish, lots of people, a TV and of course - a cup of tea. Mmm, one lump, please. Ta.

There will be more of this mad fun-ness along these lines - I promise. I'm addicted.

The dog sendeth up snores, and it's time for me to head to bed too. A bientot and back later with photos, one hopes.


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