August 21, 2008

Posted Stitches goes live!

It's online!
Some of you know that I have been working quietly for a couple of months now on Posted Stitches, a monthly art quilt challenge with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood. Jennifer runs the CraftSanity blog and podcast that I have mentioned many times, and we became pen pals earlier this year after a podcast of hers in which she interviewed Samara O'Shea, author of "For the Love of Letters" (CraftSanity episode no. 69)

Much to my surprise, soon after we started exchanging letters, Jennifer got in touch and asked if I was up for an exchange challenge: one art quilt a month, to a pre-agreed size and on a pre-agreed theme.

The challenge, however? You have to use materials that were sent to you by the other person.

The first quilt challenge was a self portrait. Now just imagine choosing fabric and embellishments for a complete stranger to make their own self portrait with. -And receiving a surprise parcel yourself, with the makings that you have to fashion into a portrait of your own. And you have just under a month to finish, because in my case, I was on the road with my needles and thread, travelling Europe and the UK, carrying Posted Stitches in my rucksack.

Fun? You bet! Want to see what we made? Check out Posted Stitches, where it's all happening.


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