August 7, 2008

Playing with your food

It's nice to be home, but the jetlag makes me walk around the house all day, moving things from one room to another and back again. Or at least, that's how it feels. And waking up at 3:15AM. Man, I hate waking up at 3:15AM!

But one of the best things about being home is the kitchen. We went to the Queen Vic Market this morning (*sigh*, my one true love!), and now I get to play with my very own kitchen and all those lovely recipe books again. What to make first? Something simple: roast chicken with wine and something, I don't know what yet - maybe pinenuts and garlic. Mmm. And baked winter veggies. 'Cause yes, it's winter folks, and it's pretty chilly in here at night.

And now I'm online catching up with some reading - and amused by these amazing whimsical carved food art treats, spotted on Bibi's Box and as reported in the New York Times in the article Knife Skills: Creating Feasts for the Eyes.

There's a slide show of some pretty awesome food art, including the lemony bear above - which is credited to Saxton Freymann, author of many books on the topic - on the New York Times' Playing With Food page.

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