August 16, 2008

Hexagons all around

Man, this is bad. Definitely serious: could be fatal. For so many years, I've resisted the hexagon quilt urge - so that now, my slippery slide into hexagonality is no halfway thing. It's an obsession. 

I've just been cutting papers and digging through my fabric bag for scraps big enough to make a hexagon. Pieces of everything, from old pyjamas to an ex-boyfriend's favourite shirt (sorry, Steve, I 'acquired' it back in second year), from the quilts I made for my sister and my mom, and even from a failed marble-dying attempt using my husband's old shirt. 

Clearly, men's shirts are not safe around me. 
(- see?)

The attraction is the prospect of actually using these scraps, and having them around in a quilt (I love the memories associated with the scraps in the scrappy quilt on our bed). The huge amount of time this will take and high likelihood that it will never be completed are definite detractors. Maybe that's why I'm pushing it now while I've got the bug. Snip snip!

Yesterday, I wandered down Smith and Gertrude streets, checking out what's up since we left for our trip three months ago. Scored some bargain t-shirts for screenprinting - did I mention I've signed up for a screenprinting course? I can't wait! And had a sloppy roast beef and horseradish sandwich and stopped in to Meet me at Mike's for a spare copy of Mixtape. Plus a quick sigh around Books for Cooks and a dash through Dean's art supplies, where beautiful paper mysteriously became mine. *happy sigh* 

All of these things, and more, for projects and ideas which do NOT involve hexagons. 
- Right? 

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