August 31, 2008

This is....

My favourite place to buy fabric...


My heart starts to race just at the thought of all of the fabric shops, button shops, the retro market stalls and wonderful bagel cafe we went to every morning.

The best of all is the Albert Cuyp market area, where there are stalls as well as some fantastic shops, catering to the theatre and costume trades as well as to people like me who, the first time I went, were astounded by the fabrics. I'd never seen silks like that, so shimmery and rough - or screening camouflage scrim for theatre sets, and of course, everything in between.

When we lived in the UK, I worked for a publisher who was creating co-publications with a Dutch publisher. And so, every 2 months or so, off I went to Amsterdam for a day or two, and hopefully a weekend if I could afford to stay on. Being a complete market fiend, this was heaven!

There's a wonderful description of the Albert Cuyp market from Morelle (who makes beautiful bags!) - that is so similar to my experience, too!



iHanna said...

That looks like an anwesome market - I'd love to spend a weekend there some day! I love fabric!

BigCat said...

That looks totally amazing. I could have some fun shopping there.

I'm loving reading through your blog for the first time.