August 29, 2008

Love Fridays

It's tempting to think there's not much to love when you're courting a cold and sniffling on the sofa, BUT these things take my list for today:
  • New gesso, a palette knife and some gel medium. Ideas percolating!
  • Snuggles with a warm dog.
  • Coffee in the sunshine with an old colleague. And I get to go home and have a nap afterwards instead of back to work - sometimes job hunting's not so bad.
  • Sewing some pretty colours...
  • and reading posts like this - 'Hitting the Motherload' that make me laugh! Maybe I'll be out tomorrow, feeling better and checking out the rubbish tips, too. I've scored a couple of treasures in my time here in Melbourne, but nothing to this!
Have a good weekend! More Love Fridays from Big Cat and more...



three buttons said...

Great to do list! Hope your feeling better soon.

Thank you for joining in on This Is, I will be adding you to the blog hopefully this weekend. But feel free to play along anytime.

Angela x

BigCat said...

Gesso, a palette knife and gel medium sounds like my kind of Love Friday too.