August 18, 2008

Sunshine at last! (briefly)

Have you ever noticed how a dog can stare? I mean, these guys outlast any staring competition champions for bore-into-your-neck laser beam stares of a high calibre nature. The one aimed at me now is saying "Take me for a walk! I require walking, human!" I suspect this post will be short.

Here's the culprit (on the walk he had yesterday, heaven forbid he insinuate that I never take him out).

The main reason I took the picture is that I love that graffiti at the end of the railway bridge. Arrrh. It's comical-odd-scary, and I reckon it's dead cool.


Here's a quick pic of what I was working on yesterday. I wanted to learn how to make bags, and so I worked out my own method - sort of like doing a jigsaw puzle, or a logic puzzle, which was the main attraction of the exercise. And I wanted to use this YUMMY fabric scrap given to me by Eileen in Toronto. Thank you, Eileen!

When we get some more sunshine, I'll photo the completed thing. I love it already (and it's already full of hexagons - crazy laugh here - )

Did someone just say the 'W' word? Must go.


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Bird Bath said...

That's what I like about sewing...using 2D pieces of fabric to construct a three dimensional product. I'm still learning how to do it though. Looking forward to seeing the finished bag - the fabric is amazing.