August 20, 2008

On my desk Wednesday

I can't resist this meme going around (thanks, Kootoyoo!) Now, I'm not going to take a photo of my desk this week because you can't see it! It's dark and gloomy in there, and the desk is piled high with fabric, books, postcards, and all sorts of delights that I brought back from my travels abroad. - Which I plan to show you soon in a "Bottom of the Suitcase Show". But for now, I count "all over the desk" to be the same thing as "unpacked".

This is what's been on my desk for the last few days:

I've been drawing and doodling like mad for the new blog I'm setting up with Jennifer of CraftSanity. We'll be all done in a day or two! I'll let you know when the excitement begins.


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