February 16, 2009

Two and Two are Four. Four and Four are ....

... well if you didn't know by now, your sewing would be even more free-form than mine!

Six and six are:

Can you see it? Two feet and a hot dry Domain, reflected in a hub cap, lovingly shined for the Australia Day RACV Picnic.

If you haven't been before, it's rows and rows (and rows) of classic design details masquerading as shiny cars. Linger long enough looking with a silly grin at deco details and the old blokes who own the cars are likely to saunter over and say hello. I met some lovely people, heard some great stories and fell in love with a car I'd love to drive away in. A few times over.

Oh, and if you love massive purple American fins-n-tail jobbies, this is the place to be, too!

Top picture is the sixth image from the sixth folder of photos. Nice choice! More here.


Beth said...

Ahhh... my parents were there for that! My dad has a blue '60s Vauxhall Viva, they were there with the Vauxhall Club.

He's restoring a Valiant at the moment too: he recently spent 8 days straight painting and polishing it back. My mum was fine with that at the start, but was getting pretty over it towards the end.

potty mouth mama said...

Ohhhhh so cool! Beautiful cars, love those over-sized fins. Gorgeous.

Taccolina said...

Yeh, we call these big squishy ones the 'waterbed' cars.