February 18, 2009

Felt fun

One of the lovely ladies at work brought me a bag of fabric to drop off this weekend for the re-stash a crafter project. An enormous, see-through, plastic shoulder bag FULL of gorgeous fabrics. Beautiful colours, fabrics from Amy Butler to sock monkeys. As I took the train home today with this bag of gorgeousness on my shoulder -- it was like a game of 'spot the crafter'.

I saw you. You were the ones who ogled.

Recently, a crafter who lost her home said in an email that she missed not even owning a needle!

Along with the fabric, wouldn't it be nice to donate scissors and pins, needles and glue? -And even nicer if they were packaged in something really pretty?

So here's some fun with felt -- feel free to felt along -- it's very quick and loads of fun!

1. Cut some rectangles of felt. I did 3" by about 5" (approx)

2. Fold them in half.

3. Decorate one side with felt and embroidery.

And you're almost done!

4. Next, I will cut some cotton fabric squares, slightly smaller than my rectangle (loose-weave cotton is best as it won't blunt the needles). Pinking shears or a zig-zag around the outside to stop them from fraying.

5. Line up your rectangles like pages of a book: one felt cover and a couple of cotton 'pages'. Sew a line down the back on the machine (your sewing is like a line down the spine).

6. Fill 'er up with needles and some pins, and send it off to a new home! If you want, mark the pages with the type or size of needle - I've bought some multi-packs, and so there's everything from crewel to betweens - big to little!

Let's make it easy for sewing to start again.



Tinniegirl said...

It's an absolutely wonderful idea and yours are just gorgeous. Perhaps I will have some time at the show to do some stitching.

CurlyPops said...

I'm loving your little heart tree. What type of stitching did you use?

Hoppo Bumpo said...

They are just beautiful. That's such a lovely idea!

Jo (sparkly green knickers) said...

These are great - just what I need to add to my crafty bags I'm making. Thanks for the quick tute!

Leonie said...

Fantastic idea! I'm loving your blog!

Anonymous said...

All gorgeous! Lovely appliques and that embroidered tree is very cute.

Bellgirl said...

Oh they're wonderful! I love that little tree., and I've got some felt right here. Now I'm off to look at your applique tutorial, byeee!