February 2, 2009


We interrupt today's scheduled blogpost to bring you news from the garden. Salad is in. And the tomatoes are popping off the vines - ripening at a rate of ten or so per day.

Lucky, they're little sweet bombs of juice, coddled through the heat with shade of their own and every saved scrap of soap-free water I had.

No, I didn't go out with such a huge bucket, expecting to fill it with tomatoes! It's the laundry basket, emptied onto the line - returning with mint and basil, fresh oregano. I made a yogourty garlicy tsatziki, with salt and cucumbers and a dash of lemon juice, and we had big plates of salad with cold poached chicken, tiny slivers of chorizo, tsatziki and basil on top. Yummy? You bet.

I have load of things to blog about, and pictures to show you. Sadly, they are all on the laptop, and the scheduled crafty photo post is interrupted by the imminence of a paid-for article deadline. There's no way I'll ask for the laptop now.

So, with the main computer downloading images one..... at........a...........time.........zzz.......... my pickings from the garden are greater than my harvest from the camera. Maybe tomorrow.



CurlyPops said...

Home made garlicky tatziki is my absolute favourite....mmmm

potty mouth mama said...

My oh my, sounds delicious!! I love the wee tomatoes. I bet they are big on taste.

Jacqui said...

well, i have to thank you on three fronts! One: for visiting, 'cause now I can visit you. Two: for the dogypopsicles idea to give to buddy Meg who has a Newfoundland and lives in Melb and both are very very hot; three - well, not so much a thanks but just wanted to say I love your red shoes! I have a good recipe for cherry tomatoes that I will be posting next week. PS Senor Foxito makes a mean mojito and knows how to shake his tail on the dance floor!