February 27, 2009

Good things! Gettin' on the bus

Bags for kids, big and small.

Remember the sewing bee? (Like we've forgotten already...) Well, the Rainbow Comfort Packs are on their way up to Kinglake. In fact, they should be there by now.

I'd like to think there's some kids enjoying their new notebooks, coloured pencils, softies and stickers, one of the many fun hair ties, or their t-shirts!

Applique items, ready to go onto bags and t-shirts.

There's a report on the delivery over at Beyond Pink and Blue -- drop by and say hello.

Waiting for the Department of Human Services bus to Kinglake...

Handmade items and help are still needed. You know where to go! And check out this article from the local press.



beccasauras said...

yay, thanks for the update! It's so good to see the end product, makes it soooo worthwhile.

Nikki said...

Yes! It's great to see them off to their new owners.

I loved all your appliques... did I tell you that?

cath said...

i have been meaning to comment on all the amazing grass roots actions you and your friends are undertaking! very impressive (but not very surprising, considering who you are) ... as a former california resident who saw forest fire devastation first hand, i applaud you all for doing something so meaningful and needed ... it is good to give of your money, better to give of our time, best to give of yourself - you have all done all three ... thank you ...