February 12, 2009

Just like momma (didn't) make it

I made a cake tonight. Or at least, I made something that resembles a cake and smells pretty nice, but it might actually be a distant cousin of a lemon pudding. -Or an offspring of an illicit affair between a sponge cake and a lemon tart (hem hem).
And I intend to feed it to you.

Only if you're coming to the sewing bee set up by the wonderful Nikki on Saturday, Feb 14. She's got the space and the equipment to set a sewing bee buzzing, so I decided that a little sugar and comfort food would be in order. Lemon cake, that's happy food for the depressed soul. Mom's recipe.
If you haven't already heard, we're making bags for the individuals left homeless by the fires. Kids of all ages will need activity packs to keep them busy - games and books, pencils and paper. And probably something to hug will be top of the list. If you can come or you want to donate, check out these links:

The sharp-eyed amongst us will notice the two new buttons on the left-hand side of my blog. They take you to just two of the efforts the fantabulous crafty community are organising. Short-term help is needed, but this practical bunch know that this is rebuilding for the long haul. Community, counselling, closure -- those don't come in a week.

Come on down and help. If you can't sew, make tea -- it might be needed to accompany the lemon spongetart delicious mess I intend on pressing into your hand (hm. maybe I'll bring some plates....)



CurlyPops said...

Ok, now you're just teasing me from afar with sugary treats. You must realise that I would willingly get in my car and drive the two hour round trip to Brunswick just for that cake!

Taccolina said...

Mail you a slice?

Nikki said...

Sounds delicious. Do we need a big dollop of double cream to serve with that?

Lily Boot said...

wish I could be there to help! What a week. Actually, what I wish we could do is tip the north of Australia up a bit so that we can share some of the water we have. Abby and I are going to follow your links and make up some 11 year old girl and boy packs. Thanks for the info.