February 23, 2009

Post by post

I can finally post these pictures of recent crafting completed-ness. The reason? They've reached their destination, and their new owner -- 'me Mum -- is delighted with them (at least I think she is: she sent a beautifully-written thank you card, but then she always is the well-brought-up one!)

Just kidding, Mom, I can tell you love them!

But there was no way I would post the pics before they had arrived, so here you are with a retrospective post of sewing goodness, now cheerfully residing in Canada.

The pillowcases were made using a tutorial from the wonderful Lily at Block a Day. Her pillowcases are always zipped up in record time (I'm not that fast!), and they look lovely. So I started with a test batch, which I adored, and then dived right in for a set for Mom and Dad for a very belated Christmas present. (The first person who says "But it's nearly March!" gets prodded with a knitting needle, you hear?)

These notebooks are just covered in simple slip-in cases, which will help Mom choose the right one for the right birding moment. If you know any birders, you'll know what I mean. Notebooks are important (and I think you need one for every outfit, right?)

Tonight I'm cussing a little, and relying heavily on the chocolate cavalry (you know, they always appear just when things look really dire) because I'm ... teaching myself to crochet from a book.

Am I mad?

(It's all Thornberry's fault for making gorgeous hats that I covet. And then she emailed encouragement and advice, so what was I to do? Get hooking!)

Good thing I had just the thing: a bag of semi-sweet chocolate buttons and an evening to myself to cuss away. Arrh ye maties.

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eileenr said...

I'll encourage you with the crocheting too! I learned knitting in the round last night. Woohoo!