February 7, 2009

I almost felt guilty...

For cutting them all off the bush. But with the forecast for today sitting at a scary 46 degrees (which turned out to be true) - I knew they would never survive. So I cut them, every one - and we have them indoors to enjoy and admire.

The very natty mat is a lovely gift from Potty Mouth Mama. I won her de-cluttering blog giveaway, and last week a parcel of delights arrived: trim and ricrac, vintage tea napkins (love 'em) and this little tablecloth - just the right size for our outdoor tables. The lime green piping is from her stash, too - just-washed and bundled before this photo. Thank you, Ms. PMM!

It's funny how the weather predictions last night made me tense. All this talk about the 'Horror Day' of untold temperatures, and dire warnings not to go out unless it was absolutely necessary. It made me somewhat edgy, so I was out in the garden last night, fussing over the tomatoes and the basil, topping up the pots with water from the bathtub (now that summer's here, our last soap-free rinses sit in the bathtub, getting cool and awaiting re-use as footbaths, dog splashes, and garden water). The vine Mr Tacc gave me a few years ago for my birthday is scorched and the beautiful red flowers have all dropped off. Our lemon tree soldiers on, with one hard green little lemon on the way. Many other plants have turned up their toes. This season is harsh.

Where I grew up, it was winter that you hid from. Staying indoors until we were crotchety and got chucked out the back door, snowsuit to the eyeballs, big mittens on penguin-flipper hands. Crunching through the crust on the snow - will it hold me or will I fall in up to my.... oof. waist? Blizzard days of all white: no school, home to draw and listen to the radio, read good books and bake. Snow days.

Me, circa 1994 - New Brunswick, Canada.

Here, I'm beginning to get used to the fact that summer is the killing season: the sun scorches and kills the garden, and we stay in to avoid it. Keeping inside, in the dark and cool, reading books, watching movies. It's all the same things, just the layers of clothing are different.

I avoided today's dire predictions - did go out - went to sit in the cool and craft with lovely new bloggy friends (hello!) and to stay in, out of the harsh weather, crafting in the cool.

Some things don't change much, but at least I didn't have to shovel my car out before I could drive back home. (And there wasn't a mountain lion under someone's car, which there was one memorable Canadian winter crafting day .... but that's another story).


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Good thing you got those roses inside .... every single one of mine had not only been scorched, but actually blown clean off the bushes by the time I got home last night. The poor garden never stood a chance in that heat.

It was really lovely to meet you yesterday. You're as nice as your blog!!

CurlyPops said...

Sheesh, I'm so glad we didn;t have to shovel our way out of there!
Great snow photo.

Joanne said...

Wasn't it dreadful yesterday? And when we thought the worst was over, to wake this morning to the tragic news of more fires and lives lost. It makes me a bit ashamed that yesterday I was stressing about the ant plague and the tomato plants.
Stressful times.
I think you did wisely, to get out of the house and do something enjoyable. I'm going to do that this week and cheer myself up a bit.

cath said...

do you remember that intense storm when were in high school that had me living in riverbend for 3 days? i slept in debi's mom's long johns & t-shirt and played with you, heather and deb - it was one of the best memories of high school. so pretend you remember even it you don't (smiles) ...

hope you all stay cool and safe!! ... she said as she prepared to scrape the ice off her car after work ...