January 12, 2009

Cricket for Crafters: a picture-post

Well, my secret is out. Cricket. That sport many of you refer to as akin to watching paint drying - an opinion I used to agree with but now, for many years.....

This represents excitement and the sunny days of summer:

So - why would a crafter be interested in cricket?

Well, it's well known that we are fascinated by patterns, particularly nice neat squares and lovely colours.

And art quilters look for interesting and unusual patterns everywhere.

(No, that is not me with a scorebook, stats cards and a radio. There's cricket, and then there's obsession....)

Why else do we like cricket? We love fabric, and we appreciate its bright colours and draping qualities:

And if it all gets a little slow for a while....

Well, we can always pull out the scrap bag and make brooches.

Five brooches, made at the MCG; many overs, plenty of interesting people watching, a mild sunburn and a lovely day. That's why I love the cricket.


PS. Photo credits, all to Mr. Tacc., except for the one at the bottom. (And I'm in trouble for forgetting yesterday...)


Joanne said...

Well done! Lovely pics and nice narrative. I start my day with a smile. I may also look at cricket in a new light. But I doubt it :-)

CurlyPops said...

I suppose if I sat at the MCG and made brooches then I could actually bear being at the cricket!

Tinniegirl said...

You do make it sound and look very romantic and lovely. I'm not fooled though.

handmaiden said...

Great prose...love it and more would love it too after watching Warner last night...just cant get these girls to see it in a new light

cath said...

put like that, almost any sport has SOME redeeming qualities ... (smiles)

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Who knew there were so many parallels between cricket and crafting. But tell me, where are the crafter hooligans? You know the ones ... they aren't really there for the sewing. They get themselves trolleyed, throw spools of thread and embroidery scissors into the air as the Mexican wave goes past and then get arrested. All while the rest of the sewing bee ... er, spectators ... chant you're going home in the back of a divvie van ... (Is it evident that I haven't been to the cricket since they tore Bay 13 down?!)

Taccola said...

Mr Tacc says:

Such terrible cynicism! There are other sports and passtimes, and there's The Ashes (Watching others play is a means to fill the gap between series). Only an expat Aussie living in the UK would understand the importance of this. If you really like as sport (rather than 'winning') you'll appreciate a game that contains twenty-five days, five teabreaks, five lunches and four possible outcomes - rather than a sweaty hour or so ending in a penalty shootout.

Oh, and not many sports are actively fundraising for breast cancer nurses; and getting handsome Aussie boys to wear pink.


Play nicely now!

And you can craft or nap during the proceedings. What's not to like?

Sadly Hoppo, the denizens of Bay 13 remain, but provided an extra amusement, rather like the current England Cricket Board management.

Taccolina said...

Help, help - what have I started?