January 25, 2009

The accidental quilter

So. Have you ever felt responsible for drawing an innocent bystander into something?

There was that woman, just minding her own business peacefully in the fabric shop. While over at the cutting table, TinnieGirl and I were throwing bolts of fabric around and having a big discussion about the best colour for the sashing for a quilt.
We had about twenty bolts out, and all the blocks on the table, and it went something like this:

- Should it be luscious?
- How about dramatic?
- Mm, this is sweeter.
- Nah, that's too dull.
- Ick.
- Eek!
- Choose something totally wild and unexpected.
- No, silly, not that!
- What about - er, no.
- This one or this one?
- That one. No, this one. No, that one... No, ...

You've probably had those conversations.

That's why I invited TinnieGirl for my industrial-strength bargain fabric shopping extravaganza. To provide moral support and colour theory. Oh, and because it was lots of fun! Being a wise op-shopper, she chose a great cafe to tank up on the coffee and pancakes first, so that whilst I had a fabric rush in Rathdowne Remnants, she could run around with a nicely-timed sugar rush. (Ms. Pops, you were missed. We needed you to be the voice of reason.)

My low-carb long-distance maintenance diet of eggs got me through a massive - for me - purchase of fabrics to make a dress, a shirt, four pillowcases -- and sundry haberdashery items. Yippee!

Back at the castle, the dragon guards the loot. (Some of it)
Dragon: (Thinking) Can I come out yet? Are there biscuits in this for me?

Anyway, back to the innocent bystander in GJs. There she was, minding her own business while we haggled cheerfully over quilt choices. That is, until we dragged her into the fray.

"What do YOU think? Black.... or china blue?"

She was pretty game.

Heck, I think she'd been hovering, so perhaps she wasn't so innocent. Within moments, there was a heated discussion again, Stranger Lady and TinnieGirl gave me a (much-needed) lesson in colour and in wedding quilt etiquette (which about boils down to: Don't presume). We ummed, we debated. We settled. I paid.

As I was pulling out the plastic, our not-so innocent bystander sidled up to the assistant. "I think I need to learn quilting," she said.

Ha. Another one bitten!

(- And what was she hanging out in the quilting fabric section anyway, if she wasn't just ASKING for trouble. Right?)


Tomorrow: striking gold at savers. And a nugget regretted.


Nikki said...

OH, it's impossible for me to get out of GJ's or Rathdowne Remnants without a huge bag of fabric.... and I don't need help to do it.

Sound's like you and Tinnie-girl had a blast. Hope the quilt is everything stranger-lady dreamed of.

cindy said...

Nice work I say. The more people we can drag in the better!
I am glad it sounded like such a productive day.

Joanne said...

Yep, that Stranger Lady was asking for trouble. Don't feel sorry for her at all! ;-)

CurlyPops said...

I can't believe I missed all the fun! My 2, make that 3 favourite pastimes...fabric shopping, op shopping, and coffee shops eekkk.
As soon as I move, there will have to be another spree!

Tinniegirl said...

It was a lovely day out. I wore myself out on my ride on the way home. I didn't have enough purchases to energise me when I got home either. I'm with CurlyPops. We'll have to have another one soon.

handmaiden said...

looks like u had a great shopping trip and is that cafe very close to GJ's. I was a bit disappointed with Rathdowne and much prefer GJ's.