January 13, 2009

All about the American dollar

All you need to know is that it's whupped the poor Aussie dollar and kept it cowed for a good few months.

Not a good thing for a girl with a serious Etsy habit.

I went on Etsy blackout, but then the solution occurred to me. How to feed my habit? - Win stuff!

This little beauty arrived yesterday, courtesy of my favourite jewellry shop on Etsy, Puffluna. I've bought a few things over the years (if you're my husband, take note that I like her chunky jewellery, and my favourite colour is red. < base flattery>You can do the rest, you've got great taste < / Base flattery>).

Julie (Puffluna) runs a giveaway about once a month on her blog. That's how I scored an Etsy hit for downunder down-and-outs when I won a voucher. In US dollars. Lucky me!

There are several of my bracelet in the shop but Julie's such a sweetie that she made one slightly longer, just for me - just the size I like it! I have been wearing it non-stop since it arrived yesterday, and I keep looking at it and sighing. The Japanese owl reminds me a bit of Totoro.

Now, enough Ms. Nice Person. I have a beef to take up with you lot.

All this cynicism about cricket is completely and utterly unacceptable. You leave me no option but to embed subliminal secret messages into each and every post, brainwashing you as to the glories of the 5-day test match and the excitement of the bouncy wicket and trembly bales.

Yes, that's jargon - there will be a quiz later.

Matty agrees with me. After all, he's retiring at 37 (why can't I retire at 37?)
Question: Beauty and the Beast. Which one's which?

Oh dear. I had the first chocolate bar of the new year, today - and I think it has gone to my head.... (of which, more anon, when I have recovered from your shocking show on the cricket post.) At least Handmaiden's got the right attitude!



CurlyPops said...

Sorry but I think you and Sharon are the only ones who actually like cricket!
I'd rather watch paint dry or watch grass grow, or pluck my eyebrows (therefore inflicting pain on myslef) than watch cricket.

Tinniegirl said...

You're just looking for trouble aren't you? Please promise I won't have to look at any more pictures of cricketers on your blog. I'll have to stop visiting.

Love, love, love that gorgeous bracelet on the other hand.

Taccolina said...

Threats! Insults! Jibes! It's shocking what the world's come to.

(- She who loves a good insult meant in humour... )

Puffluna... said...

yay! So glad that you love your bracelet (I'm so glad that you won the giveaway too!). I had no opinion on cricket (American here)... but I have an appreciation of it through the eyes of a crafter now :) Thanks for the post on the bracelet!! Julie (puffluna)

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Ok, ok ... at the risk of derision from your other readers, I'll answer the question. Any bloke who can hit 181 is clearly a beauty.

The bracelet is gorgeous - the "win stuff" plan, is a goodie. Your odds of winning at the moment are clearly a bit higher than the Australian Cricket team's.

Taccolina said...

I was going to post saying Yay Hoppo Bumpo! for your wonderful answer to the quiz.... however, I have to dock you some enthusiasm points for the jibe at the Aussie team.

Heck, I'm Canadian. So -

Yay, Hoppo Bumpo!

potty mouth mama said...

Not so crazy on the cricket talk, but I'm sure I'd like to retire at 37 too..

And as for winning stuff, you've won my declutter giveaway. Can you email me your address and I'll post out your prize? YAY!