December 11, 2008

Tested and proven: sewing lowers stress levels

I had one of those days. You know, the kind of day when the phone rings and you wince. Because the last three phone calls were the harbinger of hassle and trouble, things gone awry, files that have been lost and the owner off on holiday, colleagues on jury duty, major projects teetering over the deadline abyss.

Your schedule is such that you've got a full day at work with a superhuman supermarket sweep to do at lunch, two errands on the way home, extra house guests for dinner, and a freelance deadline to meet. By tomorrow.

Days like these make me feel like I'm standing amidst a pack of kittens -- each one of them is climbing up my arms and legs with their little tiny claws going pick-pick-pick. Pick-pick-grab-pick. Everyone wants a piece of my attention. Where is there time in this for me?

I got through that day, folks, and I survived. The next morning, early, I sat down to sew, in the sunshine. Just for ten minutes, and just one hand-sewn seam to close up a project. Sewing saved my sanity.

Calm stitching plus a sense of completion: I practically skipped out of the house to meet whatever those stress-kittens could throw at me in my day. And do you know? It wasn't so bad. I could just flap my new scarf at the worries and let the pompoms do their stress-busting trick. pop-pop-pop ... All gone!


Joanne said...

Love the "stress kittens" analogy. There was a great quote in a movie that I've always remembered (though I've forgotten the movie). A suspect was tired of the endless questions from detectives. He said it was like "Being nibbled to death by ducks."

CurlyPops said...

I absolutely agree! Crafting keeps me sane and happy each and every day.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Sewing helps keep me sane too. (Though some may argue that I clearly haven't been sewing enough recently!)

I love your scarf .... its beautiful. Don't let those kittens get you down!

Tinniegirl said...

I'm sorry to hear that's how your day went. Crafting certainly takes the stress away though. I am totally inspired by your early morning creativity. It has got me seriously thinking about getting myself out of bed earlier and embracing the opportunity.

eileenr said...

I have to try that. There have been days lately that if I hear my name called across the gallery I will scream. The mayhem ends Wednesday with the gallery opening. Phew. Another one bites the dust. I am so looking forward to working on projects at home at Christmas.

Lily Boot said...

totally agree with the peace of sewing - i think! ;-) Your job sounds VERY full on - and your description of the kittens is absolutely gorgeous - you're a wonderful writer.