December 9, 2008

My garden grows - in my mind

Something's eating my garden. And it's not me.

It's the perennial problem of the gardener: you plant in excitement, wait in hope, greet shoots with glee, and then despair as the caterpillars move in.

At least there are two things in the garden that are going great guns. My tomato plants are a wild and unruly bunch of long-legged green ladies (To use too many adjectives and a mixed metaphor. Must be the editing job, I'm on an adjective diet, which means occasional binges.)

Anyway, these lovelies are also holding up well: must be because they're not edible.

But they are sweet, aren't they?


Joanne said...

They are cute little tags! Pity the bugs are so greedy... can't they leave some for the rest of us?

Tinniegirl said...

Gorgeous tags. Where did you get them? They would make a great Christmas gift.

Bellgirl said...

Oh how lovely, and a good reason to peer closely at your herbs!