December 19, 2008

Christmas brooch love

A day to myself. Glorious. Wonderful. Practically unheard-of. What is it for?

All the things I love.

- Coffee at the market with Meghan, and meeting her lovely friends from France.
- Food, food, food, and Merry Christmas to the stall holders who have kept us well-fed all year.

- Sitting in the sun with the dog on my feet, watching the world go up and down my street.
- Laundry and sweep while listening to the cricket.
- Sewing, sewing... and more sewing!

Pretty felt brooches for friends.

Snipping the circle; fold and snip, fold and snip - to make the petals.

Sewing perle thread for a decorative edge.

Finished brooch: it looks better slightly ruffled, so a circle of heavy-duty thread is sewn around the edge and pulled tight for a ruffly flower.

The finished brooch.

Now I'm just sitting down to show a few photos of what I've made, then it's time to do some Christmas baking, and off to an open house tonight.

Lovely Friday.



Tinniegirl said...

Sounds like a fabulous day.

Nikki said...

I'm so jealous!!! I'd LOVE a me-day!!!

Lily Boot said...

love the brooch - so pretty! and is that the baker that sells the Italian crostini - go back and have some for me! :-)

Beth said...

Ahhh, when I worked in the city I used to stop at that bread place at the Vic Market all of the time when they stocked pretzels! Big, delicious, salty pretzels! Yum...

Cute brooches!