December 23, 2008

A bit of bling crosby...

I'm a couple of days late for the Eye Spy a Bit of Bling postings, but I knew as soon as I saw the theme what I'd be posting this year.

It happens every year, in some form or another.

You're walking down the street, and you see festive messages in a big loopy child's hand, in chalk on the road. It's luring you on, past the chuckling dog-walkers - until - you spy - what's this?

Monster bling!

Closer inspection reveals monster bling plus a baubly tree of Christmas goodness. We like the understated, modern look around here.

Step back and get a good view. Rawr!

I think it's the eyebrows and the star-for-a-nose over the gate that do it for me. Or maybe the flut-flut-flut noise the windmills make as you walk past on the way to the train, early in the morning.

blingity bling!

Across the road, there's a little house.

A week after the monsters made their annual appearance, large white letters appeared, hanging from the porch:

A week or two later, the big words sprouted lights and tinsel.

Bah, indeed?


CurlyPops said...

Now that's funny! The delights of suburbia...

cindy said...

Hooray for Bling Crosby!! If only there was an excuse for it all year round.

Tinniegirl said...

That's fantastic. I'll have to come and have a look at that in person some time. Too funny.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

That's absolutely hilarious! I just love what No. 36 have done - especially that you can see it during the day. Its so much fun! Definitely Bling with a capital B :)

We have a lot of very spectacular nocturnal display close to our place (note I didn't say at our place?!). Some of them have been "gnomed". That is, garden gnomes have been introduced on the quiet, onto roofs!

Serena said...

The Hedge Santas... I just laughed and laughed. I LOVE them.... the most creative Santa ever