November 24, 2008

The WIP with a wabbit and...

...a purple cow!

After my casual mention of a couple of Works in Progress on my last post, some of you demanded to see what was being plotted. Well, there are two projects that are constantly to hand at the moment, and here's one of them.

I drew the cow first, traced her on to double-sided fusible interfacing, and started cutting out her shape very carefully. Then I dove into my large scrap bag, searching for a scrap of fabric that would be just perfect.

And tell me folks, could she be anything other than purple? And covered in daisies?

This new quilt started taking shape this weekend as I stitched my way through a pouring rainy Saturday afternoon.

It's pieced from my favourite fat quarters and large scraps. So far, it's in three large pieces, and there is still a lot of embroidery to be done (some by machine, and some by hand) - such as the beak of the bird, the eyes and whiskers for the rabbit, and maybe a collar and bell for Daisy Dairy herself.

I'm already pretty happy with the results, the retro farm animals and the fresh colours. This is a gift for my sister - I'm soon to be an auntie! - very exciting. (Hello geek, I know you're peeking - I can tell!)

I'm tempted to make more like this. What do you think? Which animals should I try?
Do I dare attempt a cottage/farmhouse, too?



Bellgirl said...

It's so lovely! I asked a small representative and he says that you definitely need a chicken, and perhaps also a piggy and a horse.

Taccolina said...

Thank you to the young man for the suggestions - he's right, horses and chickens are de rigeur. And a fat French-style pig with a long squashy nose.

I'll get on it right away!