November 25, 2008

A better picture

Of the farm quilt - last night's photos were taken in the last of the light.

I'd like to work on it tonight, but I'm off to a cooking class! (my first ever, exciting...)


Bellgirl said...

Oh wow! The Bug would point and say "Cow", "Bird", "Bee". It's going to be gorgeous!

potty mouth mama said...

Oh my goodness - I love love love your quilt. So clever. I love the animals - and is that cut out ric rac? WOW! Love it.

Hope your cooking class went well?

potty mouth mama said...

I'm such a dummy. I just scrolled down to your previous post and realised it is ric rac - but for me it looks like you've cut out a ric rac pattern. Nevermind me. Just crazy talk!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Your appliques are amazing. I've done a couple of diggers, but never tried anything intricate like a cow or a rabbit!!