November 1, 2008

Barking at Frogs.... the chronicles of grumpy

I missed the last day of Blogtoberfest: will you ever forgive me? Yesterday was a wonderful, jam-packed race-around crafty day of fun, and yet at the back of my mind, I kept thinking "Oh, will I get five minutes at the computer to wish all my best to all of the Blogtoberfesters?"

Well done you lot. Three cheers, fireworks and a fly-past by the Queen for Big Cat, who deserves lots of kudos for coming up with the idea and infecting everyone with her enthusiasm! What a community of super-stars you've woken up, and how everyone has run and run with Cat's idea. zzzooom, there goes the Queen in her jetplane; you're all heros!

Last night I went to an all-night craft-a-thon, pyjama party food and Halloween stitchery. It was great! Seven lovely crafters and one baby all piled into the house of Jo and her truly generously accommodating family, for a delicious meal and craft chatter.

We kicked the boys out of the lounge (thank you boys!), and took over..... There were needles clacking as socks got made, crochet-borders of lovely cream on a blue and green alphabet knitted blanket, beautiful cross-stiched versions of night-time photographs of the city, the bright stripes of more knitted goodness, baby bibs, christmas decorations, and more, as the night got later and everyone gradually slid down into the cushions on the sofa. Life, not wine, was the cause! (So we say)

I managed to quilt at least four squares - miniscule progress, but there was a lot of chatting and chocolate going on as well. And then a snuggly snooze on the mattress in the playroom, half under my mostly-finished quilt (I say it's good luck to sleep under it when you're quilting it!), and pancakes for breakfast, before a trip to Amitie. What more could a girl ask for?

Apparently I am grumpy today, to which I replied - I am NOT! - hm. Despite a Nana-nap and tea, I feel like this dog at the farm, cross and hot and bothered and barking at the frogs.

Wrarf! Wrarf! Grump, grump. I'm sorry I missed Blogoberfestivities and the end of the month - I hope you will understand that it was all in the name of terribly important craft activity!

I am now going to roast a chicken, and as we all know, a good dinner makes everything better....


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CurlyPops said...

It's so cool that you had a crafty sleepover party for Halloween....grump away and enjoy that roast chook!