April 10, 2009

Sunshine, dreaming

It's been a tough couple of weeks, with life flying past at a rapid rate and much to be done. So the poor old blog (not to mention crafting!) has been somewhat neglected of late.

There have been a few snatched moments of sunshine amidst a lot of long days' work, the best and brightest being: lunch with the girls at Madame Brussels.

Pretty in pink -- and we love those curly chairs!

BEFORE: Sunnies out, Sharon watches the sandwiches and the stunning - rather alcoholic - punch as it arrives.

AFTER: Now, why has the camera gone all tilt-y?

Just kidding: I had to get back to work for a meeting, so it was the non-alch variety with a small side order of 'sulks' for me. Why? Because they went on and ate cupcakes! (By which time I was pondering project deadlines and talking budgets whilst sorely wishing I was on the rooftop, cupcake in hand...) The world is not fair, my friends.

I've been looking forward to Easter weekend with such anticipation. Planning long sleeps-in; plotting crafty ideas; looking at tasks to be attacked; assessing recipes and making lists to be bought. It's a fine time for me to read, relax, snooze and cook a few new recipes that I want to road-test on ourselves.

Chocolate mousse-in-waiting.
Notice the careful cropping to leave the word 'Light' in at the side? Fooled? No, I didn't think so. Especially not by the tub of CREAM on top, ready to be dolloped in luscious gloopiness all over the top of the thick, creamy dark choloate mousse (with a hint of rosemary). Rarw.
I have no idea what else we are having for dinner. Does it matter?

Recently, I have to admit, I've been overdoing it. Trying to cram too much into one day, all of it computer-based, much of it to deadlines that are too tight, and steadfastly insisting that I'm fine, even if it's not fine. And then that feeling of being caught on a rushing train started to catch up with me: get up, work,work,work, come home, work some more, sleep, get up....

The solution? I've got it. Last night was the revelation.

To solve OverCommittmentitis, follow these steps in no uncertain order.

1/ Call your nearest takeaway curry cafe and order up big.
2/ Argue gently about who will go and pick it up.
3/ While he picks it up, throw in a load of laundry and feel virtuous. See, I'm accomplishing something, you think, as you crack open a bottle of wine.
4/ Watch something 1980s and funny. Mr Tacc's inspired choice was Midnight Run. Truly hilarious.
5/ Pay scant attention to your crochet: after all, someone's got to watch the movie and keep an eye on the chocolate, right?
6/ Bedtime, sleepyhead.

What a great start to a weekend!


Tinniegirl said...

It was a shame you had to go back to work and miss out on the cupcake goodness.

Glad to hear that you are putting your feet up and giving yourself a rest.

Stay away from that Cliff of Giving my friend.

handmaiden said...

Great post Bev, i think u will enjoy that chocolate mousse along with the wine. sounded like a good start........and we were so lucky with the weather

CurlyPops said...

Mmmmm I'm salivating over that chocolate mousse! Great photos, great post. I think you should definitely spend the next three days eating takeway with your feet up.

Michelle said...

What a great start to the weekend! I think your recipe for winding down sounds rather appealing!